• ​​​​​Who:  Adolescent black girls between the ages of 10 and 15 years old that reside in Baltimore City.

  • What: Black Girl Cook's Spring Cooking and Baking cohorts hands-on culinary classes with an emphasis on Black Foodways.

  • Where: All classes will be taught virtually.​

  • When: There will be Cooking cohort starting on February 25th and a Baking cohort starting March 5th. Please apply to the cohort that is best suited for your culinary interest and availability.

  • Why: About half of African-American women in the U.S. are obese, compared to 30 percent of white women. Research suggests the problem starts in childhood and is correlated with girls living in poverty, struggles with food insecurity, a lack of accessible healthy food options, and dependence on convenience store food. Black Girls Cook aims to alleviate these disparities by offering culinary training and nutrition education to young girls of color. Culinary classes are not affordable for many families and most programs are designed for adults, not children. Home economic courses like cooking are no longer required in schools across the country. Therefore BGC intentionally creates programming that educates adolescent girls of color from underserved communities. 

  • **Please note that BGC programming is highly competitive and submitting an application does not guarantee placement into the  cohort in which you applied.

​Spring 2022 Baking and Cooking Cohorts 

The Spring 2022 Cooking and Baking cohorts are sponsored by:

  • The HMS Host Foundation
  • The Ravens Foundation
  • Eddie's of Roland Park 

 Virtual Programming 

“African American food culture is one of the only aspects of African American identity that represents an unbroken line from Africa to present-day America.” -Micheal Twitty