​​What is BGC? 

Our Impact

About Black Girls Cook 

The Problem 

Black Girls Cook (BGC) has impacted the lives of over 165 inner-city adolescent (ages 8-15) girls, their families and the local community though culinary arts and urban gardening since March 2014. 

Girls that have participated in Black Girls Cook:

  • Make healthy food choices and cook more often at home.
  • Increase their science, math and communication skills by growing edible gardens.
  • Have higher self-confidence and self-esteem after having a sense of pride preparing a dish or growing fruits, vegetables and herbs.
  • Make lasting relationships with other girls with common interests.

To date BGC has hosted classes, community events and farm-stands in the following communities: South Bronx, NYC; Harlem, NYC; Fells Point/Perkins Homes, Northwood/Pen Lucy, Broadway East, Pigtown, Mid-Govans and Reservoir Hill. Our future target areas are Central Park Heights, Belair-Edison, Sandtown-Winchester and Cherry Hill.

About BGC 

Established in 2014, Black Girls Cook (BGC) is a non-profit organization with a mission to teach adolescent girls of color self-actualization techniques and life-skills through the use of culinary arts and edible gardening.

About half of African-American women in the U.S. are obese, compared to 30 percent of white women. Black women not only carry more weight, but they start piling on extra pounds years before their white counterparts. Research suggests the problem starts early and it has a lot to do with the convenience foods girls consume during childhood years.

Hands-on cooking classes are not taught in schools and businesses that teach cooking classes for kids are very expensive. Therefore, girls living in households with limited incomes and don’t have access to healthy food options tend to eat convenience foods which over time impacts their health in a negative way. Food equity and access to cooking classes is a serious issue in inner-city communities and Black Girls Cook aims to alleviate the problem one girl at a time.

Black Girls Cook is available to adolescent girls throughout the City of Baltimore between the ages of 8 and 15 with high priority being given to candidates living in food deserts and historically under-invested communities. We target this demographic because going through puberty is a very critical time for a girl developing into a young lady. Black Girls Cook teaches the ultimate survival that will prepare each girl to live a healthier life which will prepare them for adulthood and that is cooking.