​Potential Funders + Sponsors

​Guest Chef Instructors


Life-Skills Professionals

​​​Adolescence is a challenging transitional period for all kids, especially girls. They go through many changes including physical, emotional and social. During these developmental changes, girls believe that they are unable to communicate what they want with their parents, teachers and adults and often find themselves in the middle of conflicts and arguments. These situations lead to unnecessary stress, anger issues and low self esteem resulting in low academic performances and disruptive behavior in school and at home. 

At the start of each day, BGC girls participate in life-skills workshops facilitated by professional women of color. These life-skill workshops consist of basic skills for personal and social development which will help the girls cope with the challenges they face. Past workshops have included subjects such as nutrition basics, how to budget, goal planning and STEM activities. 

We are always looking for new facilitators. If interested, please send an email to
HELLO@BlackGirlsCook.org with your workshop idea.

Corporate + Local Businesses

The Black Girls Cook Culinary Program would not be possible without the support and generosity of local female chefs of color. Share your culinary expertise in a hands-on setting by taking over the BGC Kitchen and teach the girls one of your favorite recipes. Past classes have included how to break down a whole chicken, food plating techniques and pasta making.

If interested, please send an email to
HELLO@blackgirlscook.org with your cooking class idea.

There are several ways you can support the mission of Black Girls Cook:

  • Sponsor an upcoming cooking or gardening session.
  • Donate products to be used during classes such as groceries, gardening seeds, or gift cards.
  • Have your employees donate time to support efforts in the kitchen, in the garden or behind the scenes.​
  • Host a culinary experience in your restaurant.

We are open to the endless possibilities of you supporting Black Girls Cook. Please send an email to HELLO@BlackGirlsCook.org to discuss further.

Over the last 10 years, Black Girls Cook has been fortunate enough to have received grants and sponsorships from various foundations and organizations across Maryland. Without this support, we wouldn’t be able to implement our mission of teaching adolescent girls of color the meaning of farm to table.

If your organization has a funding RFP that aligns with the mission of Black Girls Cook we are very interested in obtaining additional information; the information can be sent to HELLO@BlackGirlsCook.org

Get Involved

Community Farms

There are several ways you can support the mission of Black Girls Cook:

Consider being a volunteer BGC assistant. BGC assistants support the cooking class experience by acting as an extension of the guest chef or showcasing their greenthumb by assisting the master gardener. BGC assistants reinforce and support the techniques being presented in class.

Utilize your professional expertise and support the operations of Black Girls Cook by assisting in areas such as grant writing, fundraising, public relations and recipe development.

Support the mission of Black Girls Cook by making a tax-deductible monetary or product donation.

​​Support the BGC Edible Garden Program by hosting a hands-on farm field trip.

Farm field trips expose the girls to the wonders of urban and rural agricultural environments. They are able to make a connection to local food and learn about where their food comes from through experiential learning. 

Previous field trip topics have included composting and the living soil, plant life and plant parts, the insect environment, urban agriculture and local food systems. They can learn about hoop houses and greenhouses while seeing crops of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers. Information gained during these visits with farmers can reinforce lessons being taught in the classroom and will empower the girls as they work in their home garden.

Think about your farm through the eyes of a student and consider ways to turn your farm into a classroom for a day.

If interested, please send an email to
HELLO@BlackGirlsCook.org with your farm field trip idea.