Black Girls Cook is proud to launch our first ever spice line!

Six classic spice blends with a unique twist. Staying true to our motto of creating a healthy lifestyle, we have crafted six spice blends that are all natural, MSG free, free of preservatives and artificial ingredients, and are non-irradiated. 

All items are created and packaged with love, from Baltimore, MD. 

All proceeds supports Black Girls Cook's Programming.

Black Girls Cook Spices

Salt-Free Creole Seasoning

Creole seasoning is a versatile addition to any chef's kitchen and ours is SALT FREE! This multi-purpose seasoning adds authentic Creole flavor to any dish. Use it to enhance the taste of your favorite soups, stews, chili, jambalaya and gumbo. It is also a delicious and healthy way to spice up meats, seafood, poultry, vegetables and more.   

BGC Laser Engraved Cutting Board

This custom Black Girls Cook maple wood board is sure to make a statement in your kitchen and on your table. 

Size: 9.5" x 12.5" x 1 1/8”

The wood color will be slightly different from the pictures.

Slow Roasted Rotisserie Blend

​Season with this Slow Roasted Rotisserie Blend for savory flavor. Great on chicken to give it a slow-roasted flavor and golden appearance without the hassle of using a rotisserie. Bring deliciously hearty, roasted flavor to your dishes. Great also for chicken salad as well as salmon and pork.  

Maryland Style Seafood Blend

Maryland Style Seafood Blend brings Maryland's notorious seafood lovers taste to your kitchen! This blend of spices enhances the flavor of your favorite seafood dish. Pairs perfect with crab cakes, soup, steamed clams, mussels, or seasoned shrimp before roasting. Add to a crab boil for the perfect Maryland crab flavor. If you're feeling versatile, rim the glass for a Bloody Mary with this blend for an extra layer of flavor! Enjoy! 

BGC Spices

Adobo Dry Spice

Adobo is a Latin American inspired blend of bold and savory spices. We recommend using this blend on meats as a dry rub, in a marinade application, or to transform a bland vegetable dish with a bang! Our absolute favorite application for this Adobo is to season any type of flaky fish with an olive oil marinade mixture. 

Burger & Steak Seasoning

​This delicious Burger & Steak Seasoning combo is the best way to get that perfect pop of flavor from your red meats! Versatile and easy to use, get the most flavor from your T-bones, burgers, turkey, ground beef, or meatloaf. Add 3 TSB to 1 LB of meat for a mouth watering meal! 

Sugar & Spice Dessert Blend

In the mood for scrumptious? Here's our Sugar & Spice Dessert Blend to the rescue! Enjoy this decadent dessert blend, perfect for any type of dessert, whether fruits, pastries, cakes or cookies. Use as a glaze, syrup, or sprinkle over muffins, scones, fried dough, or donuts. Step up your breakfast bacon with this perfect blend of sugar and spice!